Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedroom ideas will show you a great way to use all those stuffed animals that kids and girls in particular love to collect.

Can you believe one 9 year old can create so much mess? Admittedly she had a little help with a few playmates who came over for the afternoon....but still!

I thought..."Why, Oh Why, Can't THEY learn to Tidy UP!!!"

So after the mayhem, I decided to have a think about what I could do to make her room easier to manage. The following bedroom makeover idea shows and explains the process I went through to make her room user friendly, fun and funky as well.

1. The first thing I did was sort through her clothes. I then got rid of any that she had outgrown and sent them to a charity shop.  With more space in her drawers, the easier it will be for her to put her clothes away after wearing them.......hopefully!

2. Then I tried to have a heart to heart about all the stuffed animals she had....."Please, Oh Please" I begged "Could we just get rid of them...or at least some of them?"

My youngest daughter looked at me with horror....and asked "Could you get rid of your children?" What could I do, but go to my drawing board and come up with an idea on how to store them.

3. I drove down to my local shopping centre to a small shop I had just discovered and decided to have a browse for some ideas. I found and bought 3 long bamboo idea had been sparked. I then went to Bunnings and bought a couple of packs of Removable Hooks.

4. I got out her stuffed toys and laid them all out in the hallway and had a look at them. I then sorted them out into small, medium and large toys.

5. After the sorting I looked through my ribbon box and chose a few colours that I thought would go well with her room decor. I hung a large toy onto each end of the bamboo pole, and then hung 3 medium toys from long lengths of ribbon. I used dress making pins to attach them to the ribbon. 

6. I then got out my large removable hooks, stuck them to the wall, cut a length of ribbon, hooked it over the hook and tied it to the bamboo pole, so they hung fairly evenly from the hook.

7. I then made another one for the other wall. The photo below shows one of the walls. To smarten up her honey coloured drawers I got Annie to sort through her photo's and using some Blue Tack, she stuck them to the drawers. We were both really surprised to see the difference it made. 

8. I then found an Ikea plastic hanger and found a group of small stuffed toys, I tied ribbon around their tummies, and hung them from the hanger. Hurray! Another 15 small stuffed toys find a new home!

Below are a couple of photo's showing her tidy, clean and newly decorated room. Bamboo poles only cost a couple of dollars, as did the removable hooks and ribbon. A fun cost effective solution to a 'stuffed toy problem'.

This kids bedroom ideas page would also work really well with any child who adores animals.

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