Kids Framed Wall Art

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This kids framed wall art idea is simple and easy to do, it will only take an afternoon and will really show off your children's art work.

I love sticking up my girls art work onto the walls, they look bright and colourful and the girls really love seeing their work displayed on the walls.

Usually I just stick the pictures up with blue tack (see pic below). But just recently I decided to make the art work look a little more special.

I remember ages ago a decorating show on TV wrapped material around the frames and stuck them up on the wall. I thought then the idea would be great for a kids room.

Read below to see what I did to create this framed wall art project.

This is how I displayed the kids wall art ideas before I started my new kids wall art idea. ( I tend to stagger the pictures as I do not necessarily like my pictures all in a straight line.)


  1. White Knight Gloss Acrylic Enamel - black
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Fine sandpaper
  4. Damp sponge for cleaning off dust
  5. Blue Tack or Scotch Perma Reusable stickers.


1. I began by removing any old picture hanging hooks, old backing and glass.

2. Then I lightly sanded the frames as this helps the paint adhere to the smooth surface.

3. I then painted the frames with the black gloss paint. After the two hour drying time I repainted the frames.

4. I then used the Scotch perma reversible stickers to stick the frames to the wall. The bigger frame needed the larger Command stickers as it was heavier.

5. I then used the Perma stickers to stick the kids pictures inside the black frames.

kids framed wall art, do it yourself art, kids room wall art
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kids framed wall art
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I fitted a few of the pictures into the frames, but will need to get another picture for the bottom is holiday time so I will hopefully get one soon!........Time has passed I now have a new pic for my frame, and I decided to hang it vertically.

Do you have kids who love drawing?

My children adore the 'How To' books of drawing animals as the pictures are easy enough for them to copy and try. (My kids are 10 and 8) I can't believe it but I found an online' How To ' book Click Here!to check it out.

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