Kids Room Wall Art

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This Kids Room Wall Art Idea is a cheap fun activity to do with your kids. So come on mum and dad, get out the coloring textas or pencils and sit down with your kids and color is amazingly relaxing and wonderful, for bonding with your kids. Talk about anything and everything as you color in. YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT!


  • Large Colouring Book
  • Textas, colouring pencils, crayons
  • Blue tack or Command3M Poster Stickers.


Buy a big colouring book, they can be found fairly cheaply in toy stores, discount stores or large department stores. In this case my hubby bought my girls (9 and 6 years) a large colouring book of Disney fairy pictures. They used crayolas to colour in the pictures.

So there were not any arguments he divided the sheets up evenly between the two girls. They were so excited they spent the whole weekend lying on the floor chatting and colouring in, even my hubby joined in and coloured with the girls.

They thought it was the best fun ever. He is not an arty guy my hubby, but he actually really enjoyed colouring in with the girls.

The pictures looked fantastic and the girls were thrilled and excited by their work. They had about 8 pages each which meant that they were able to get them completed in one weekend. What a cool weekend diy Project!...... mums and dads it keeps kids occupied so there's no squabbling! Have To Be Happy With That!

So what do you do with these colouring sheets once you have them completed?

Very simple. To make them stick to the walls all you require are either Blue Tack or Command 3M Poster Stickers. I used Blue Tack.

Renters: Blue Tack works really well. As long, as you are careful when you remove the posters, the Blue Tack should not remove any wall paint.

Command 3M Poster Stickers also work very well, again they will not remove wall paint as long as you are careful when peeling them off.

The two pictures above illustrate different ways you can place the colored pictures. I did not get too fussed about lining them up exactly, when placing them on the wall. I sometimes like to jumble pictures up, put them on a slant, insert wall stickers.

There really are no rules, experiment and see what you think looks great. I can guarrantee you, no matter what you do, your child will think it looks terrific.

Understand children do change and grow, before you know it fairy pics will be unpopular and something new will take it's place. If you want the pictures to last, then laminating them would be a good idea.

Where To Get Jumbo Coloring Books.

  • Discount Stores
  • Toy Stores
  • Ebay
  • Amazon (See ads below if you cannot get to a retail store...there are lots of other ones online.)

I found this Disney princess coloring book.

For those kids who do not want princesses or fairies try animals.

Boys may like these coloring sheets from Pixar, Toy Story

This coloring book has lots of different pictures from different movies.

These Crayola Twistables with the thick points are lovely to use for colouring in.

So Mums & Dads Give This Kids Room Wall Art Idea A Go, It Is Cheap, Easy And Great Fun To Do.

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