Large Canvas Art

This is a fun and easy large canvas art project.

Materials For Creating Your Own Large Canvas Art Piece.

1.Round canvas approx $15-20. I bought mine from Riot Art & Craft.

2.3-4 packets of cheap colored pencils. Long and short. I bought mine from a cheap discount shop. (I used 100 pencils)

3.PVA clear drying glue

4.Jo Sonja white acrylic paint

5.Small round pieces of mirror glass from Riot Art & Craft Shops.

6.Green Plastic Beads(Recycled Shop)

7.Spray Varnish

8.Paint brush for white paint

9.Small brush for glue

10.Picture 'D' hooks and wire for hanging your picture (can buy these from hardware stores)

11.3M Command hooks for hanging your picture on the wall.

12.Piece of black cardboard tube for center piece of artwork.


1. Now starts the fun part of your diy art project.

  • First paint the canvas with black paint.
  • Then while the paint is drying play round with your colored pencils and create your star pattern and work out where you want the colors to be placed.

2. Place the pencils in a star pattern on the canvas.

  • Place a little bit of Blue Tack on each pencil to stop them moving.
  • Also stick into place the center cardboard piece and center pencils.

3. Glue Pencils Onto Canvas.

  • Then glue center cardboard roll.
  • Next glue small colored pencils around cardboard center.

4. Glue on mirror glass.

  • Large circle piece of craft mirror glass gets glued on top of cardboard center.
  • Small pieces of mirror glass radiate out from small pencils from largest to smallest.

5. Then glue on small pieces of plastic beads. (You could probably get away with not putting on plastic beads, I just like to add quirky items to my art projects.)

  • I glued them on leaving circle spaces between the small pencil gaps. Otherwise I just glued them wherever.

6. Now spray varnish over canvas to protect it.

  • Don't forget to sign your name on the canvas.

7. Screw 'D' ring hooks into back of canvas.

  • Screw them about a quarter of the way down picture, then thread picture wire through 'D' rings and tie off.

8. Get out your 3M command hook and stick to wall.

  • Allow to set for 12-24 hours, then hang your picture.

Hope You Enjoyed This Canvas Art Project.

Other ideas to make it look different include:

  • Paint the canvas red and use just black and white pencils.
  • Create a star pattern with just big pencils in the middle of the canvas, and decorate the outside with all different sizes of craft mirror glass.

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