Living Room Design ideas

Living room design ideas for creating dramatic rooms can be anything from romantic, to theatrical. Play with color, texture and pattern, splash it around, indulge and dazzle.

This is a style where you can let your imagination soar.

Dramatic living rooms just by their very nature do not follow a particular era of style...they can be anything depending on how imaginative and theatrical you are. For instance a few ideas are:



c)Hollywood Luxury

d)Lacy or Flowery etc

e)Avant garde

Creative Living Rooms With The Wow Factor

Dramatic Living Room 1

Black and white always makes an impression. Too much though, will make a living room cold and austere. Notice how the carpet, the display cabinet and end table are all shades of brown, they add warmth to the room. A touch of color in the check cushion also adds interest to the room.

Like this and want to give it ago? If you have white walls and black and white furniture go for it, just make sure you add some other colors for warmth and interest. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: It's Great To Be Home)

Dramatic Living Room 2

This is definitely a room that you would step into a say WOW!

It is certainly a room that has been professionally designed, but I wanted to show you a few pictures of what can be achieved with this style of interior decorating.

The main two colors are black and green. The walls are designed to have impact as is the black and white patterned carpet and striped mirror. The sofa has been kept dark but neutral, spots of green color have been added through the cushions and the lovely green patterned ottoman.

The bookcase and coffee table have been kept neutral and are designed to blend in with the room...but their warm honey colouring means that warmth is added to the room. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: It's Great To Be Home)

Dramatic Living Room 3

In this living room idea the colours, blue and green have been repeated throughout the room; the sofa, chairs, wall picture, curtains and floor covering. It is dramatic and over the top. The little bit of black and white coffee table help break up the colours a little.

I am not sure I could live with this, but it is certainly striking. (Photo courtesy of fun with Alfredo Jones)

Dramatic Living Room 4

Part of wanting a creative and dramatic living room is to be game enough to paint a feature wall a striking colour. This person has painted their wall a brilliant shade of pink...Wow! Adding a selection of photo's and pictures adds interest and makes the look dynamic.

You do not have to be a professional decorator to achieve a striking effect.(Photo courtesy of Flickr: amyrtw)

These living room design ideas are fun, creative and are designed to create impact.

If you decide this style is for you....

Go For It!... Be Brave! .....Be Bold! ......Life Is For Living....

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