Making Chalkboard
Fun, Functional Wall Art.

making chalkboard, do it yourself crafts

Making Chalkboard will show you how you can create a simple beautiful chalkboard for yourself or someone else.

Possible Uses:

Make one for the kids, create a useful shopping chalkboard for the kitchen, create a chalkboard as a family weekly planner...

They are easy to create, even if you do not regard yourself as artistic.

Put Commando 3D Velcro Hooks on the back and they easy stick to a wall.

Making Chalkboard Materials:

1. Thin MDF Board.

2. White Gesso Paint (Undercoat)

3. Sand paper-fine.

4 Jo Sonja Paints or something similiar.

5. Wooden Cut outs, stencils

6. Paint brushes, PVA Glue

7. Commando 3D Velcro Hooks

8. Jigsaw Cutter

9. Chalkboard Paint

Making Chalkboard Procedure:

1. Decide on the shape of your chalkboard, sketch it onto the MDF.

2. Cut out your shape using a jigsaw cutter.

3. Gently sand the edges with fine sandpaper. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove dust.

4. Paint the shape with White Gesso Paint, dry and paint again.

5. Draw an outline (using a grey lead pencil) of the area you want to keep for the chalkboard paint.

6. Decide on the color chalkboard paint you want to use and paint in the area. You will need a couple of coats.

7. Paint in, add cut outs, stencils etc to the rest of your shape.

Check out the following ideas below to get inspiration.

making chalkboard, do it yourself crafts, cheap decorating idea

Fish Chalkboard

I created a template out of a piece of newspaper, used masking tape to secure it to my piece of MDF, traced around it, cut it out using a jigsaw and then decorated it. To give it a bit of bling I stuck on small circles of craft mirror glass.

The Blue color is the chalkboard paint, and the yellow and red normal acrylic paint.

making chalkboard, do it yourself crafts

Dinosaur Chalkboard

This chalkboard design is a fun one for the boys.

I found a simple dinosaur design in a children's book, created a template out of newspaper, stuck it onto the MDF, traced around the image and then cut out the shape using a jigsaw cutter.

I sanded the edges with sandpaper and then painted the dinosaur with blue chalkboard paint.

I painted an eye on to add character.

Stick Commando 3D velcro hooks onto the back of the dinosaur and you can stick him up on the wall.

making chalkboard, do it yourself crafts

Under Water Scene

I was inspired to make this chalkboard design as I was looking through my old photo's of when I went snorkling up on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

I love the colours of the coral, the fish and the seaweed. Beautiful and Inspiring to see in real life!

Round Alphabet Chalkboard

I made this for a child of a friend. It was really easy to make and paint.

For the chalkboard art design just draw a circle, paint the middle of the circle in black chalkboard paint. Divide the outside circle into 12 spaces just like a clock face. I bought a variety of small wooden cut outs, including number cut outs.

I painted the plain number cut outs black and placed them around the chalkboard.

Sort out your wooden cut outs and decide what you want to glue where.

Making Chalkboard Tip 1: Use larger cut outs for the small numbers etc number 1, 2, 3. Use small cutouts e.g: seagulls, small ladybugs, washing pegs for the larger numbers i.e number 10, 11, 12. Place number and cutouts onto the space before you glue so you know you can fit them all on.

Princess Chalkboard

A fun chalkboard design for a girl who loves the Disney Princesses. I made this for my daughters. It is a little hard to see in the image but I included Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty.

Making Chalkboard Tip 2 . Use good quality acrylic paint. I use the brand Jo Sonja, but any other brand would work. Children's acrylic paint can sometimes be pretty watered down so I do not recommend them.

Hope you found these do it yourself crafts chalkboard ideas interesting?

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