Meaning Of Color Blue

So what is my meaning of color blue?

When I think of blue I think of a beautiful blue sky and sea, blue conjours up hot summer days with endless blue skies....bluebells scattered throughout an emerald oak woodland, the bright blue of my daughters eyes.

But blue can also be cold and reminds me of winter days. Blue as a color can provoke different feelings in different peope.

The Meaning Of Color Blue As It Relates To Interior Decorating.

  • The color blue is thought to promote calmness, stability,peace and confidence.
  • It is thought blue is important to our mind and body as it produces feelings of tranquility and calm. Perhaps this is why many people decorate their bedrooms or living rooms in blue. Both are places to relax and unwind after a hectic day.
  • Blue is also regarded as the color of loyalty , wisdom, confidence and intelligence.
  • Light Blue is thought of as refreshing and friendly.
  • Dark Blue is regarded as strong and reliable, a reason why many products appealig to men and often dark blue in color.
  • Bright Blue is energizing and vibrant.

Blue Rooms

1. Living Room With Splashes Of White

blue Living Room

This is an example of how blue can be used in a living room. If you have the capacity then be bold and paint the walls blue. Teamed with large splashes of white and cane furniture, the look is calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Notice how the blue in the walls is captured in the cushions. One of the cushions has green and blue stripes. See how the green is also captured in the plant. All the colors work together in harmony.

Warmth is added to the room with the warm brown cane furniture.

2. Living Room With A Touch Of Lemon

Soothing Blue Living Room

This is a much softer use of blue, notice how blue and white is given an added appeal by giving a jolt of lemon color. Without the warmth of the lemon color the room could be cold and austere. The Lemon cushions and chair creates a vibrancy and makes the room come alive.

3. The Bedroom


This shows a beautiful crisp white bedroom. The color scheme is neutral (like so many rental rooms) and shows what you can do by adding extra's that can be bought in. The blue stool, blue bedspread and the two different tones of blue in the cushions.

The room is bright, energetic but also peaceful. I also love the touch of color in the wall art and lampshade.

4. Bedroom 2

kids room 02

This is another bedroom that has used the timeless fresh appeal of blue teamed with white. A renter could create this look by buying furniture with the blue color incorporated into the design.

The look would be a little bland if the room only used the pale blue and white colors. Notice how a jolt of red makes the whole room come alive.

I hope these rooms have given you ideas for how you can use and incorporate blue into your color scheme.

NB: The pictures listed above are all links, if you liked these rooms and would like further ideas clicking on one will take you to Flickr.

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