Meaning Of Color Green.

Mmmmmm...meaning of color green? Peace, tranquility........When I think of green I think of lush forests, the deep green of soft springy grass, shiny emerald leaves..crunchy juicy grapes.....etc

  • Green is the colour of nature, it symbolizes freshness and growth. Green is the color of renewal: the end of a drab winter and the start of lush spring.
  • The color is relaxing and calming.
  • Pale greens are soft and relaxing, darker greens a more masculine, often a good color used in office buildings.
  • Green can also associated with envy, jealousy and lack of experience.

Decorating with colour green is considered by many to be the most calming colour on the human eye. That is why soft greens often work well in bedrooms and living areas, they promote peace and tranquility.

To show you how green can be used in home decorating I have included some photo's with a few comments for you to look at.

1. The beautiful bedroom below is calm and restful and promotes rest, sleep and harmony. The muted pastal colors make for a lovely girls bedroom. The white furniture is timeless and the pale yellow and pink quilt harmonize well with the green mat, green boxes and small table.

The back wall has also been painted a very soft green, adding to the overall effect.

2. The picture below shows a white bed covering sprinkled with green leaves. The green and white give the room a fresh clean look, to add a bit of warmth and give a contrast, the pink blossom trees were added as a wall decal.

3. This picture shows a lovely cottage style kitchen. Green in this picture has been used as an accent color. The green in the table cloth, the cups on the table, the stems of the sunflowers and the folliage outside the windows...all give a freshness to the kitchen and offset the main yellow color.

4. The meaning of green in this picture is to add contrast and freshness to the decorative table tea lights. Using green plants adds visual interest in both color and texture.

5. The wall below has been painted a soft green, with white trim. This evokes a fresh clean look. An orange chair as a bright accent adds a burst of color....highlighting both colors. The scene is modern and contemporary.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the meaning of the color green.

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