Meaning Of Color Yellow

The meaning of color yellow can be different depending on the country or culture you are from.

Yellow has always been one of my favourite is bright and happy, it is a color that makes me think of endless summer days, rolling paddocks of dry grass the beach, warmth and sunshine.

Yellow is said to:

  • Stimulate the mind

  • Be the color of cowardness

  • To be the color of mourning in Egypt

  • To be the symbol of courage in Japan

  • To be the symbol of trade in India

  • So how can we use yellow when decorating our home?

    Yellow can be bright or yellow can be soft and pale. Decorating an entire home in bright yellow would be too much. Much better to use it as a bright accent color, or use it in its pale muted form.

    For instance pale yellow is a lovely color to use in a baby or small childs room especially if you do not want to go with the tradditional pink or blue. Yellow mixed with shades of blue, green or grey would look lovely in a little boys room. As would pale yellow mixed with white, pale blue or pink for a little girls room.

    The pictures below give an idea of how understanding the meaning of color yellow and how yellow can be used to create beautiful interior rooms.

    1. In this contemporary sitting room the pale yellow chair adds warmth to the room. It combines beautifully with the muted olive green of the sofa.
    This picture shows how cool (the olive green sofa) and warm colors (orange rug and yellow chair) can be used together very effectively.

    A splash of warm red gives the room vibrancy and makes it come alive.

    2. This lovely bright country kitchen has had the walls painted a bright shade of deep yellow. This color works very well in a kitchen setting as it is warm and inviting. Various shades of green and white contrast nicely with the yellow walls, giving the kitchen a fresh warm appeal, a lovely country feel.

    Add a vase of bright happy yellow sunflowers and the warm, comfortable country style kitchen is complete.

    3. This picture of a kitchen shows you another way yellow can be incorporated into the interior color scheme. This time the cool stainless steel and white contemporary kitchen , is warmed by using accents or spots of yellow.

    4. Yellow/ pale lemon has been used in its muted soft pale form for this lovely country style classic bedroom. The walls have been painted in a soft lemon color. This gives the room added warmth when contrasted against the smooth dark wooden beds and white and rose pink bed coverings.

    The three landscape pictures all have paddocks of dry yellow summer grass in the watercolor paintings. The pictures pick up the color in the walls.

    5. I adore color and I just had to show you this clip art photo I found. I love the way Mexicans use color, they are not afraid of using it and combining strong colors together. Look at this delicious deep yellow door and how it contrasts with the deep purple surrounds, the aqua blue on the inside of the door, and then a dash of rust red/brown across the top of the door and down near the base. Just gorgeous!

    Love sumptuous luxurious bedding, these bedding ideas will take you from the depths of winter to the joys of spring.

    If the meaning of color yellow means something different to you, or you have decorated your room in yellow, or used yellow in some way in your decorating, I would love to see and hear about it.

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