Metal Wall Shelves - Can Be Cool & Colorful.

The following Metal Wall Shelves project outlines a simple cheap decorating idea that takes a cheap $15 metal shelf and transforms it into a lovely colourful shelf suitable for a little girls room.

Why A Metal Shelf?

My 10 year old daughter is in a smallish room, that is unfortunately quite dark. Even during the day a light is required for reading purposes.

Two points I was looking for in my bookcase:

  • It had to be inexpensive
  • It had to be light and airy, I did not want something big and heavy, as I felt that would block available light.

Metal Wall Shelves at $15 from my local Bunnings hardware store proved to be the perfect solution.

They are light, cheap (I bought 2) and I could paint them to fit in with the 'Magical Underwater Cave' theme my daughter wanted for her room.

It Proved To Be A Perfect DIY Furntiure Project I Could Complete In A Weekend.


1. Flat Packed Metal Shelves x 2 packs

2. Metal Primer Spray Paint

3. Australian Export Spray Paint - Enamel- Sky Blue (Reduced Toxicity)

4. Australian Export Spray Paint - Enamel- Emerald Green (Reduced Toxicity)

5. Newspaper to stand metal book shelves on, so paint does not go on ground.

6. Star screwdriver and pliers, for putting up metal wall shelves.

NB: (I found the spray paint for about $2.50 from my local discount store. I knew that the colors may change down the track as my daughter may change her mind on the theme of her room, or the shelves may end up in another room entirely. So I was not prepared to pay for the most expensive spray paint. 12 months later and the spray paint still looks glossy and bright)

Metal Wall Shelves - Procedure

1. As the shelves come flat packed I had to build them first. All information and screws were supplied, I was able to put them together just by myself. So for those of you who have not done this before, do not be put off, it is pretty easy.

2. Once built, give them a wipe and a wash down to remove any grease and grime. Let them dry.

3. Now comes the fun part, once shelves are dry, spray paint them with a metal sealer paint.

4. When paint is dry sprayed one of the shelves with the Emerald Green Spray paint, and the other shelf Sky Blue.

5. Once both shelves are dry, spray paint them again to deepen the colour. As you can see from the picture, the shelves offer a lot of room to put all the things a 10 year old loves to collect.

The shelves worked out really well, my daughter loves them, they provide room to put everything, they are light, but strong and do not block out the available light.

A perfect do it yourself project.

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