Number Mirror Art Work

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This mirror art work project is very easy and fun to create. It is a great first project if you are not sure of what you are doing.


1.1 x Round plain mirror.

2. Jo Sonja 'gesso'. A sealer/undercoat paint.

3. Variety of paints from Jo Sonja range in bright colors.>/p>

4. Craft cut out wooden pieces. I used 2 x presents, 4 x strawberries, 5 stars, 7 tortoises, 8 dolphins, 10 pegs and 12 small butterflies.

5. Craft Glue for sticking on pieces

6. Jo Sonja varnish for creating a gloss finish at end, protects work from water damage etc

7. Thin paint brushes if you want to paint.

8. Pencil and rubber if you want to draw pictures.

9. Small wooden cut out numbers.


1.Turn mirror over and remove glass mirror, put it away somewhere safe. (This ensures mirror is not painted on during the decorating process.)

2. Paint mirror with 'gesso' undercoat. Do not forget the edge where mirror sits. Dry and then paint again.

3. Decide on what colour you want your top coat to be and paint it on. As above, paint the edge mirror sits in. I chose white as I love the way the colours look brighter against a white backdrop.

4. When dry, paint on another top coat.

5. Divide the mirror into 12 equal portions. To do this I simply divided the mirror into 4 portions ie 12, 3, 6, 9. I then used a ruler to draw in the other lines. Do not get to upset if the divisions are not exact. The child is not going to be looking for your errors.

6. Get out your numbers and paint them black, leave to dry. Then paint them again.

7. Place numbers around your mirror, do not glue yet.

8. If you are going to only use wooden cut outs, then organize which ones you want to put in each space. Choose the small cut outs for numbers like 10,11 and 12, as you will have to squeeze a large number into a small space.

9. I chose to use cut outs every 2nd time. So now is the time to draw in your pictures. You can copy mine, or go and look through your child's favourite book and include some favourite characters. Draw in pencil first, then if you make a mistake you can rub it out.Make sure when you draw you leave room for the wooden cut out number.

10. If only using cut outs- once you are happy with the placement, now is the time to glue. Glue numbers first, then cut outs.

11. If painting some pictures onto the Number Mirror. Once you have drawn your pictures, now is the time to have fun, get out all your colors and paint in your pictures. I repainted each picture 2-3 times to get the color depth I wanted.

12. Once you have painted your pictures, glue in the numbers and remaining cut outs. I do not recommend gluing cutouts and numbers before painting as it makes it difficult sometimes to paint around the cutout or numbers. It is easier to work on a flat surface, rather than have your hand bumping the cutouts.

13. Sign your name and varnish your mirror twice.

14. Turn mirror upside down carefully, and place mirror glass back into slots and tighten.

And there you have it - a great piece of mirror art work you have completed yourself. Once it is dry, get a Command 3D Removeable picture hook and hang it up in your child's room. They will love it!

CONGRATULATIONS on completing your first do it yourself crafts mirror wall art activity!

Mirror art work is all about the imagination and using the materials around you.

If you cannot draw and would like to be able to paint images, check out using stencils; hardware stores and craft shops would have them. I have seen some lovely fairy stencils, trucks, airplanes, dinosaur and flower themes etc. All you would have to do is trace around them and paint.

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