Mirror Wall Art
Create A Funky, Quirky Mirror Today!

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Mirror Wall Art outlines a fun diy art project to add personality to your child's bedroom.

I grew up in the country long before wall art became part of our lives. My mirror was a long rectangular mirror stuck onto the front of my brown second hand wardrobe. It did the job and I did not really think any more about it....until I started playing around with paint and MDF.

I had just had my first child and I wanted to be creative...but what was I to do??

I remember feeling frustrated because we lived in a rental house and I could not paint or decorate the walls. I wanted to hang something on the wall that was bright and colorful but functional at the same time.

I was shopping in my local hardware store at the time and went for a potter down in the craft section. I found some paint, and to my delight a couple of MDF Mirror Frames. PERFECT! A functional item that I could decorate brightly.

The number mirror pictured below was the first mirror I created. I thought it would be fun for my small daughter to count the numbers and also it was bright and colorful.

Not only could my do it yourself craft project mirror be fun, funky and practical, but educational as well.

Love the idea, but do not feel you have much artistic ability? No worries, today there are so many great craft shops, you do not even have to have any drawing ability at all. Basically you can paint, and paste a great looking mirror without having to draw.

The process is a bit like scrap booking but on a mirror, rather than a photo book.

The end result is a great piece of wall art that is fun to look at.

Check out these ideas.....

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Number Mirror

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Have fun! and email me if you create your own mirror, I would love to see it, and add it to this page to show others what can be done.

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