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Organize books in a logical and easy on to find out how.

Even though I do admit to having a Kindle.....I am still old fashioned, I love the feel of books, the smell of books and the look of books. I also love having a bookcase full of all different types of books, it's like having a whole lot of different friends in the one room. All of whom can suit your different moods, depending on how you are feeling.

But the problem remains that book cases do require a bit of a tidy every now and then. With the hurley burley of life, learning how to organize clutter can help you turn chaos into order.

Organize Books: 7 Easy Steps

1. Start by taking out all your books and organizing them into piles based on genres. 

To organize my bookcase I sorted my books into these piles, I know it looks haphazard but I divided them into: home decorating, study books, wine, sport, teaching theory books, fiction, teaching activity books, magazines, art & Craft books, kids books etc

2. Clean & Dust

Grab a sponge and clean all the dust a grime away.

3. Decide On Use. By this I mean what do you want to use your bookcase for.

I decided that I was overloading my bookcase and I would be strict. I would use this particular bookcase for organizing the books I use all the time. (e.g: study books, teaching, home decorating & home, garden, atlases, dictionaries, life & art & craft)

The other books my husband and I do not read as often, I would take out and find another bookcase to put them in. Mmmmm.... may make me tidy my other bigger bookcase......but that will be another day. 

4. Decide On Your Organization Strategy. How to organize a bookcase will partly depend on how organized you want to be. Some ways you can categorize your books include:

  • alphabetically organised by authors surname, 
  • by topic/genre 
  • fiction/non fiction
  • by colour if you want a visual look.

I decided to place my books according to topic. I placed my home decorating books, atlas, dictionaries etc in their sections on the bottom section of the bookcase because they were big books and some were quite heavy. Heavy books do look better placed on bottom shelves, and it is probably a safer place to put them.

5. Decide On Visuals: Do you want all the books placed side by side like a library? Or do you want to muddle things up a bit, to add a bit of interest?

I decided against placing interesting objects on the shelves as I wanted a purely practical bookcase. 

So I played around and decided on standing a few books up and lying some down especially the thinner books.

6. Finishing Off. If your bookcase is in your sitting room or a room you use a lot, you may like to add a nice visual touch, by adding a few ornaments. 

I had a bit of a look through some of my odds and ends and played around with what I thought looked good together. I then decided to move one of my paintings and place it on the wall above the bookcase. It all came together quite well I think, and so far the placement and the organization of the books has worked really well.

As you can see on the right side of the photo I placed the extra books I had on the floor. It looks O.K, so they will stay there for now.

7. Declutter Regularly. To organize books and keep your bookcase looking clean and tidy try and check it once a month and give it a quick once over if it needs it.

So What Do You Think?


Did you find this useful? If not - what would you have liked to have seen? 

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