Organizing Ideas for DVD's

If your DVD's are like mine, they seem to constantly be in a state of disarray. This organising idea will give you a few ideas for getting your DVD's into order. 

Storage Organizing Idea

There are an amazing number of storage organising ideas for decluttering your DVD's. I have included a few of them. 

The first thing to think of when organising clutter, in this case DVD's is:

  • Where do you want to store them?
  • If they are to be stored in the living room/rumpus room, do you want them on show, or prefer them hidden away?

Different Types of DVD Organizing Ideas

My New DVD Organising Idea

About 5 months ago we moved into a new rental, this rental has proved amazing as there are so many different storage solutions from hidden cupboards to large built in robes. I have to say...."I am loving it!'

I am also one of those people who really dislike DVD's being open to everyone, I really like packing them away. In the last house I had them all packed away in a chest of drawer, a bit like the 5th pic. It did work well, but I needed the chest for something else in this house.

We have a spare cupboard so I thought it would work out really well, to make it a DVD cupboard. Check out what I did.......

1. First I took all the DVD's out of the cupboard ad organised them into categories:

  • TV shows
  • Old Kids Movies (no longer watched but cannot throw out)
  • Disney type movies
  • Classics ...think Peter Pan, Sound of Music etc
  • Current modern movies
  • Christmas
  • Adults

2. The cupboard spaces were quite high, so I got a couple of bricks which I found around the house and used them to create a shelf.

3. I then arranged the DVD's onto the shelf. Having the extra height allowed me to maximise storage and allow all DVD's to be seen.

4. I then put the rest of the DVD's onto the other shelves. I put our adult DVD's at the top and kids DVD's in the middle and down below, mainly so they can reach them. I even had enough room for my tub of gift wrapping. Hurray!



So what do you think? I hope this page gave you a few good Organising Ideas for DVD's.

If you found this page useful let me know by leaving a comment. If I missed something let me know what I could add. I am always happy to try and make my pages as useful as possible.

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