Pink-And-Black-Bedrooms: A Sophisticated Teen Room

Pink-and-black-bedrooms makes a beautiful bedroom for a teenage girl as it combines the lovely color of pink with black to create a sophisticated but beautiful girls room.

Do you have a teenage daughter who loves the color pink but feels her bedroom is just too pink and makes her look like a 'little girl', then this is the bedroom for her.

Where To Start?

1. Start with the bedroom. Talk together and decide on what your daughter wants to keep, get rid of, or store in a memory box in her cupboard. (For example she may still love her stuffed animals, feels she is too old for them, but still wants to keep them as they are a lovely memory of her childhood- I have to admit I who am in my 40's still has my dear old stuffed one-eyed bear from childhood...I just can't bring myself to part with it. It is tucked away in a box and much to the mirth of my children every now and then I bring her out.)

2.Start with the pink-and-black-bedrooms bed covering, go shopping together, have a fun day bonding and chat about what patterns and colors she likes.

pink-and-black-bedrooms, pink bedrooms

I found this perfect pink-and-black-bedrooms bed covering in Target, only $60. I thought it looked lovely and used pink in a very grown up way. Prices vary from around the $39-$89 depending on the bed size.

silver cushions, pink and black bedrooms

3. Add these two wonderful silver cushions (about $12 ea from Target) in two different textures, top the effect off with the black and silver cushion I found in Big W for only $10

They combine beautifully with pink and black and add a bit of extra 'Zing' and sparkle. A perfect highlight for Pink-and-black-bedrooms.

5. On the walls for a dramatic look you could create a picture wall using a few of these funky black frames($5-$20 depending on size from Target). Or you could buy individual square/rectangular black photo frames. You can buy them in packs of either white or black or discount stores usually sell them for about $2-$3.00 ea. Fill them with pictures of her friends, family, events etc. Stick them to the wall using Commando stickers. You could place them on the wall to make a big love heart pattern or simply create a large square or rectangle.

6. On another wall hang a large pinboard. useful for keeping tabs on school events, projects, homework or just ideas and things she likes.

7. If you wanted to add another color element for our pink-and-black-bedrooms, choose some pictures with silver frames to put up on her wall. Silver works really well with both black and pink. Would also tie back in with the silver cushions.

8. Teenage girls love playing with words, so choose a series of wall stickers to put on a spare wall or door.

9. Make sure her desk is clear and she has room for all her things. Add a couple of cool funky tumblers for keeping pencils/pens tidy. You can pick up $2.00 ones at most discount stores. You could even add silver, pink or black office accessories. Smiggle has heaps of colors and designs.

If you need to purchase a good study lamp, buy one in cool metallic silver - it adds a modern contemporary touch to the bedroom.

glass jars, pink bedrooms

10. Top off the decor by adding these lovely glass jars (about $18 from Target) They look special and are great for keeping hair ties, clips, rubbers tidy. They could be placed on a bookshelf or a dressing table or chest of draws if she has one.

11. Teenagers love to lounge, listen to their favourite music, read a book or maybe even play computer games in their room. These types of beanbags are great...just what every teen loves to sit in. They are also great for friends when they come over. They cost about $50 for the bag and then you will need to purchase the beans to go inside.

Hope you had a great time decorating with your daughter and you have a great result.

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