Create Fantastic Pink-Bedrooms

Pink-bedrooms is a great decorating idea for children. Think of Pink and you think of little girls, 'sugar and spice and all things nice'.

Pink is a great color to use in girls bedrooms.

You can go totally wild and create pink-bedrooms full of different shades of pink, or you can be low key and use pink as an accent color to brighten a room.

Pink is a color which can be used in many different shades, in many different room styles - from classic and dramatic to contemporary.

Pink is also a great color when combined with other colors e.g pink plus blue, pink plus white, pink plus green, even pink plus black (Very chic and Very Parisian).

Pink bedrooms will show you how you can use pink in different ways.

The following girls bedroom ideas can easily be created by using accessories, furniture, and a bit of creative know-how.

If you have the ability and want to paint your daughter's room bright pink...go ahead, but decorating girls bedrooms can mostly be done by adding simple accessories teamed with a change of color in furnishings and fabric.

Pink-Bedrooms 1. Classic White mixed with Pink.

Materials Used:

White bed or normal base bed, white side table, white book case. silver lamp, simple white bookshelves, pink carpet, pink pouff, pink decals, pink patterned bed covering, pink/purple/shades of stuffed animals. white desk, pink chair, white lamp shade, 3 different shades of pink ribbon, glue gun, dark pink contact, White muslin type curtains, pink muslin curtains, Silver hanging curtain rail, or even a plain white rod.


This lovely girls room uses pink shades as an accent color in a sea of white furniture and walls.

Start By:

1. Place the white furniture in the bedroom.

2. Make the bed up using crisp white sheets, then add a vibrant pink patterned bed covering.

3. Place white side table next to the bed and add the silver lamp base and a white lamp shade.

4. Click on Decorating-Lampshades to see how to decorate your lampshade with 3 different shades of ribbon. When you have finished you will have a cool modern contemporary lampshade which will tie in beautifully with your pink girls bedroom and indeed could be used in a variety of pink-bedrooms.

5. Take all the books out of the book case, wipe clean of dust and grime. Now is the time to decorate and add a bit of 'zing' to your bookcase. To see how click on bookcase decorating.

6. Place a large lovely pale pink carpet onto the floor, as well as the pink pouffs/seats.

7. Add the pink wall decals to the wall.

8. Place soft white sheer curtains onto center of hanging rail, add pink curtains onto the ends of the curtain rod.

Well done, you have just finished creating a lovely pink bedroom which your daughter will love.

Pink-Bedrooms 2. Pink Mixed With Lime Green

O.K so you have honey colored furniture not white, that's fine, this pink bedroom will look great with your furniture.

Materials Used:

Honey colored wooden furniture e.g pine (bed, side table, chest of drawers, toy shelves, desk), lime green desk chair, lime green wall decals, soft pink rug/mat, a couple of bright pink cushions for bed, spotted pink sheets, Pink bed covering


1. Place Furniture in bedroom where you want it to go.

2. Make up bed with beautiful spotted pink sheets. Add pink bed covering in modern design with splashes of lime and shades of pink.

3. Place soft pink rug on floor near bed.

4. Place Lime desk chair near desk, add lime decals to wall.

Put toys and books back on the bookshelves.

This girls bedroom idea is a vibrant mixture of lime and pink and looks really fresh, summery and cool.

5. To add further zap, find some suitable posters/prints and place them in metallic silver frames; hang them on the wall. For a bit of drama, the frames could even be black.

Another idea if you were able to, is paint a feature wall in lime green. Lime green and Pink are fabulous together!

Once you have decorated your own little girls room, Click Here to Share It. We would love to build up a variety of pages showing all the wonderful ways pink can be used in girls bedrooms. So, Don't Be Shy! This Is Your Chance To Be Published! Go For It!

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