Princess-Bedrooms Are Beautiful Bedrooms.

Princess-bedrooms are a part of many little girls lives. The universal stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora are passed down from one generation to another, of course made famous by Walt Disney. These days we also have new princesses thanks to Barbie. Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper, Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses, Swan Lake, Barbie as The Island Princess..just to name a few.

These stories transport our girls into the wonderful world of imagination, dress ups and role playing. Discover how you can create a beautiful princess bedroom for your own little princess.

The ideas for princess-bedrooms created below uses simple practical ideas and easy to find princess bedroom decorations and accessories. If you have the money and inclination you can of course paint the walls, add a painted wall mural and buy an elaborate princess style bed.

But this is a budget practical web site where we learn to create wonderful rooms for only a small outlay.

This princess bedroom is styled without using Disney characters.

My aim with this web site as always is to find cost effective solutions that make it easy for the reader to go out and search for accessories, furniture etc. I am not paid my the companies I write about.

Princess-Bedrooms 1. Silver and Soft Pink

1. Decide on Your Color Scheme If your daughter has a feature wall include this in your color ideas, for the sake of this page I am assuming a neutral decor. My ideas for a princess bedroom in this case involve using soft pale pinks, creams, white and silver.

Materials Used:

Myer: Kylie Minogue Princess Bed Quilt,Kylie Minogue Baby Bow Cushion in pink and silver

Spotlight: Valance (Bed Skirt) in soft pink or crisp white, white curtain rod, budget curtains, lengths of tulle or gauze, silver sequins

Kmart: $5.00 pink heart cushion,

Big W: $10.00 pink heart cushion

Online Stores: Wall princess stickers (try and www,

Craft/Discount Stores: Glue gun,paint, colored paper, large piece of cardboard or paper

Hardware Stores: Commando Hooks, Commando Stickers

Homewares Stores, Ikea: Hanging bar wardrobe,

Kmart/Target: white wicker baskets (can be covered in fabric or without),

Toy Stores/Newsagents: Giant princess coloring books, textas, pencils, crayolas,

Homewares Stores/Rug Shops: Fluffy rug in white or soft pale pink.

1. The Bed: Start by putting a white valance (bed skirt) onto the bed.

Then make up the bed using crisp white or cream sheets, if you already have other colors that would match in with the color scheme of the bed quilt use those.

Make the bed up with the lovely soft pink and silver quilt and pillow case.

Apologies for the pic, it is tricky to see the color scheme, if you look at the Kylie Minogue princess-bedrooms cushion and blanket, they will give you a good idea of color.

kylie minogue princess quilt cover, princess bedroom

Next add some beautiful cushions to the bed. The silver bow cushion is from the Kylie Minogue princess range - $39.95.

Kylie Minogue princess cushion, princess bedroom

The small pink heart and star cushions I found for just $5.00 from Kmart.

heart cushions, princess bedroom

Lastly the third lovely pink heart cushion is from Spotlight and retails for $24.95.

heart cushion, princess bedrooms

2. Windows: You may already have curtains which match beautifully, if not take them down, store them and go to Spotlight or Lincraft and pick up some budget white or pink curtains.

Hang from a simple white curtain rod, or purchase a silver curtain rod with decorative ends. I have seen these in spotlight as well.

Add a princess touch by purchasing tassels, that can be looped around the curtains to hold them back during the day. Stick a couple of Large Commando Hooks to the wall, and hook the tassel over the hook.

Another idea for curtains is to purchase metres of gauze or tully, stick some sequins on using a hot glue gun, and drape the fabric over the curtain rod to achieve a flowing sparkly look.

3. Walls: Removable wall stickers are perhaps one of the best inventions for interior decorating in recent years. I know as a renter I get really excited when I see great wall stickers, as they come off and can be repositioned so easily.

A couple of companies that I have found who have reasonably priced princess-bedrooms wall stickers include: for Aussie customers and from the US. Both companies have lovely giant murals, giant princess coaches and princess castles and giant princess stickers. Great decorating ideas for a princess bedroom.

Princess-Bedrooms Wall Tip 1.If your budget does not allow for wall stickers a really simple budget idea is to grab a large princess coloring book, sit down one after noon with the kids or by yourself, and color in the pictures. See diy-art-projects to see how. The pictures really do look great on a wall.

Princess-Bedrooms Wall tip 2: Another cheap decorating idea is to print off Disney princess from your computer, cut around them and using blue tack stick them to the wall.

Princess-Bedrooms Wall tip 3: A really fun idea is to get a large piece of cardboard or paper, get your child to lie down, trace around her, then using colored bits of paper from craft shops, decorate and create a beautiful dress.

To save time you could even paint the clothing. Take a photo of your daughters face, edit and print it, cut around and stick it to the face area of your decorated figure. It is up to you whether you include your daughters hair, or paint it in. you could even make a crown out of paper and stick it on. Once the princess figure has dried, cut it out and stick it on the wall with Commando removable stickers. (Blue tack would not be strong enough). What could be better a princess decoration of herself as a princess.

4. Accessories:

cube bookcase, princess bedroom ideas

Bookcase and toy storage is always necessary for kids.

If you have a white bookcase or another suitable bookcase already - great! If you want a great budget bookcase the one in the picture is a 9 cube bookcase retailing at Kmart for only $59.00.

White is a great color as it will go with any decor project.

If you want an even cheaper alternative check out a how a simple $15 metal bookcase from Bunnings could transform just by painting it. The idea is outlined in metal-wall-shelves

Instead of painting them green or blue, paint them a beautiful silver color to go with our suggested decor. You could add craft gems to make them really sparkle.

To store toys, barbie dolls, necklaces, rings, etc buy some lovely wicker baskets lined with fabric. Place on the bookshelves with toys inside.

Add a simple wardrobe stand (most discount stores sell these for around $20)It is basically a simple silver or black stand with a metal rod across for hanging clothes. You could use tulle or gauze with sequins, and drape over each end, even make a large bow. On the stand you could hang all her princess dress ups, some stands even have a base at one end for placing footwear. On this you could place her dress up princess shoes. (If you do not have any princess shoes go to a big toy department, they often sell boxes with 6-8 pairs inside.)

5. Floor: Add a beautiful soft pale pink or white fluffy rug. Add a couple of beanbags covered in plain pale fabric as children love to curl up in them and play.

And There You Have It....Princess-Bedrooms Fit For Your Own Little Princess. Good luck! And Have Fun!
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