Recycled Art Project Ideas

Recycled art project ideas shows you how to take hessian coffee bags and turn them into unique canvas wall art.

I found these hessian coffee bags in a little coffee shop one saturday morning. I bought them for $3.00 each and decided to take them home and have a think about what I could do with them.

Suddenly I bright idea struck me......I could turn them into canvas art and hang them on my walls. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out; a great cheap wall art idea!

These coffee bag canvases add rustic charm to your home. Hang them in the hallway, in the kitchen, bedroom or do as I did and hang them above the piano.

Recycled Art Project Ideas: What I did....

  1. I measured the size of the coffee bag and then went to a discount store and bought three canvases that would suit the size.
  2. I measured the size off the canvases and then cut the hessian bags, making sure I left about 10cm over hang. The hessian has to be able to fit around the edge of the canvas, with enough left over to fix to the edge.
  3. I then used a staple gun to secure the edge of the hessian to the back of the canvas.
  4. To make the edges neater I turned the edges under (just like hemming a pair of jeans) and stapled the edges to the canvas back.
  5. I then screwed in a couple of picture hanging 'D' hooks and attached picture wire.
  6. I then hung the pictures on the wall using removable hooks.

I wanted to have a fun piece of wall art to go above the piano. The piano is sanded back ready to paint, but I kind of like how the different natural colour tones all go together.

To keep the recycled wall art display balanced, I chose to put the back writing information in-between the two pictures.

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