Redecorating Furniture
My Old Kitchen Table

Redecorating furniture that is old, faded and scratched is a very exciting and satisfying diy home project.

I bought this kitchen table about 7 or 8 years ago off ebay for the grand old price of $250.

Originally it was a lovely honey, glossy pine table. Over time with young kids who clambered over it and were rough, lots of art and craft from finger painting and glueing to sticky tape and my own art projects, the once grand table began to look a little sad.

I did not really mind the wear and tear as I already have a lovely table for dinner parties, so I loved the fact this table could be used in all sorts of ways without worrying too much about it. time wore on I decided to paint it and the chairs white. I left the top as it was, as I kind of liked the shabby chic way it looked.

A few years later and another rental move on, and lots more art and craft, the table began to look shabby and scratched. The chairs had also begun to come apart. I continued to quite like the shabby chic look, but my hubby and kids DID NOT. And my hubby especially, could not stand the table top looking so art splattered and scratched.

So another revamp was in order.........


I chose to paint my table:

  • White Knight Splash Black Gloss (A water Acrylic) It worked quite well but certainly required 2-3 coats.

I painted the chairs:

  • Haynes Enamel Gloss Pacific Blue,
  • Handycan Gloss Enamel Orange,
  • Handycan Mail Red,
  • Handycan Dark Blue,
  • Handycan Yellow and
  • Handycan Lime Green.

I would have to say the Handycan was the best brand of paint I used. Much better than the White Knight and Haymes.


It painted on beautifully and the paint just flowed and it looked great immediately. I found the other paints needed a few coats to look properly covered. In fact I do not like the feel of the Haymes painted chair and will probably look for a blue colour in the Handyman brand, and then repaint it.

  • To cover the kitchen table I used Mexican Oil Cloth from an online store called '


1. I began by cleaning and wiping off all the marks and grease spots. I then gave them the table and chairs a light sand with fine sandpaper.

2. I then had a think about colours and bought my paint. I had painted and hung in the kitchen a mixed media picture which had a lot of primary colours in it.

I decided to take 7 colours and use them in my repainting furniture project.

3. I began by painting the table black, it needed two coats. I did not paint the top of the table as I decided to cover it with a vinyl black cloth.

4. I began to paint the old white chairs. I Placed them up on the table to paint, this worked really well, as it was a good height to work. (previously when I had painted the chairs white, I had done it on the floor.) When painting them on the floor I had found it difficult to really get the bottom rails of the chair painted properly. Table height made the job super easy and certainly saved my back.

(NB: I did not undercoat the chairs...shock horror to all the purists out there, but just sanded lightly and painted the gloss enamel over the top. It worked really well.)

5. I gave the chairs a light sand and then repainted them. I touched up where necessary if the paint appeared a bit thin. (Particularly the Blue Haymes painted chair.)

6. I then laid out the black mexican oilcloth I had bought onto the floor. I placed the table upside down and stapled the oilcloth to the underside of the table.

7. A Stanley knife was then used to trim the oilcloth.

8. Next I turned the table up the right way and placed the chairs around it. My Hubby chose the navy as his chair, my eldest daughter loved the blue, my youngest the yellow and I chose the red.

The end result of my redecorating furniture project was very satisfying.

My kids jumped up and down with excitement, especially my eldest daughter.

It so inspired my eldest that she spent an hour tidying up her room and came out with all sorts of ideas to paint her old princess wooden bedroom chair. (Stay tuned ....) .....of course my younger daughter could not miss out, so she too organized an old dolls tea shelf to be painted.

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