Fabric Removable Wall Art: Trees

This removable wall art idea is really fun to do and so easy. It is a great idea if you want to create a large mural for a wall, or cover up a walls imperfections. Which is why I decided to try this idea.

Why Create A Fabric Wall?...........

We live in a rental and we have a wall that borders on a bathroom, there must be moisture getting into the wall somewhere because my daughters bedroom wall has plaster bubbling and peeling across the surface.

It looks a little bit like an insect has burrowed its way beneath the surface leaving a trail of small bumpy hills. A lot of her wall is covered in these trails and in some places the plaster is coming off. The landlord has not yet made a decision on what he is going to do.......so I decided to try and cover it up, as it does not look very nice.

What To Do.... Wall stickers are a great removable wall art option. They are reasonably priced and can be removed from the wall really well, the only problem is that it is recommended they attach to a smooth flat surface. This particular wall is of course NOT smooth.It is bubbly and flakey.

I racked my brains about what to do and remembered years earlier I had read in a magazine article that spray starch could be used to stick fabric onto walls without damaging the surface. The article had never mentioned where to buy spray starch, so I went into countless Australian art and craft, hardware shops, supermarkets thinking I could buy a spray can of the stuff......To no avail...Very Frustrating!

Solution.... I eventually decided to try a spray starch recipe I found on the internet. It was meant for ironing shirts, so I adapted it to make it suitable for sticking fabric to walls. I made it a little thicker so it would be stronger and to my amazement... it worked perfectly. Click on Homemade Spray Starch for my recipe.

Materials Required:

  • Fabrics in different colors, patterns etc,
  • Scissors
  • Homemade Spray Starch Solution
  • A4 plain paper or newspaper
  • Black Texta


  1. My youngest daughter wanted trees so I chose one particular fabric and cut out the shape of two trees each with a few branches sticking out. As it happened it was a cotton fabric with pictures of trees and birds already on it.
  2. Using the plain paper I drew a paper template of a leaf, cut it out and used it to trace round on my leaf fabrics. I then cut out the leaves.

3. Once I had all my fabric cut out, I began to put the picture together on the wall. The great thing about creating a fabric removable wall art picture is that you can create it as you go along. If you suddenly need extra leaves, cut them out. Time is flexible and there is no need to rush.

4. I placed the tree trunks fabric on the floor, with the back of the fabric facing me. I sprayed the Homemade Spray Starch Solution on the back of the fabric, spreading it out with my fingers. A pastry brush would work equally as well if you do not ike getting your fingers sticky.

5. Once fabric is well and truely damp, put it up on the wall by pressing fabric against wall. Once it is sticking up on the wall use a soft sponge and dab against fabric to mop up any drips.

6. Now you can repeat the procedure with the leaves.

7. Continue until picture is complete.

Conclusion: This is a messy but fun removable wall art activity. It covered up my horrible walls really well. I have had the fabric picture up for the last 6 weeks and nothing has fallen down. If you find some of your fabric peeling off, just wet it again with the homemabe spray starch solution.

Online Shoppers....Take a look at this gorgeous owl fabric. I just fell in love with and felt I had to show you. Cut around the owls and they would look really cute dotted over a wall. Unfortunately this link is for US customers only.......stay tuned as I find other online stores that ship elsewhere.

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