Unicorn Removable Wall Sticker

This Is A Unicorn Removable Wall Sticker I Bought Off Ebay For My Daughters Room.

The sticker is a 'Wallies' brand and I will have to say it has been a really good buy.

The sticker has been stuck on the wall and removed 3 times. It is still sticking beautifully to the wall, although I must say a few of the plants have torn and been thrown away.

But the unicorn is still standing.....although I think it may be his last move.

My daughter was five when I bought this sticker, she is now 10 so it has lasted beautifully. I bought it off ebay for $50.00AU, it arrived promptly and came rolled up in about 7 pieces.

Wall stickers are a wonderful way to brighten up a room. They are a fabulous way idea to use in kids wall art & home decor. Add a wall sticker to their bedrooms and see their imaginations fly. The removable wall stickers become part of thier fantasy world and the games they play.

When I first put up the unicorn sticker....well unicorns became the flavour of the month, the girls dressed up, played and pretended to be unicorns for months after the sticker went up. It really did stimulate their imaginations and their play ideas. It was lovely to see.

Materials Used:

  • Wallpaper decals
  • Bath/sink filled with a small amount of water
  • Sponge for wiping up water and smoothing out the sticker


  1. Fill the bath or sink with a small amount of water.
  2. I then picked up the head of the unicorn soaked it in the water for about 5-10sec (allows the wallpaper backing to become sticky) and placed it on the wall.
    As each piece is placed on the wall, smooth it out with a soft sponge. Water will drip down the wall, but this is easily fixed by mopping the drips up with a sponge.
  3. Then I got the middle of the back and carefully aligned it with the head and neck.
  4. Next I soaked the bottom section of the unicorn and again aligned it with the middle section.
  5. The flowers and grasses came next, then the rainbow.
  6. Finally I stuck on the fairies which I bought separately from Spotlight.

I dotted them about the unicorn. Unfortunately as you can see from the picture only one has survived. I have not replaced them as my daughter has begun to move on from fairies and wants a more adult

(But she is adament both the remaining fairy and unicorn MUST STAY!)

A Little Bit About Wallies WallPaper Stickers.

(NB: I am not paid by Wallies to promote their products, but I think when you have found a product you have enjoyed, it is nice to share the experience and let others know about it.)

The Wallies stickers are prepasted and peel and stick and come in many colors and designs, from whimisal animals like my unicorn to trompe l'oeil images of Tuscanny, landscapes, flowers, dicosaurs, nautical etc

Wallies can be stuck onto any smooth surface. Walls, furniture, tins, as long as it's smooth you can stick their stickers to it.

They have a vinyl coating on the surface, so they can be wiped down.

I have found Wallies stickers at many retail stores like Spotlight and Lincraft, Paint Specialists, Hardware Stores that have a craft section, and of course Ebay & Amazon.

If you have used Wallies or are about to create a special room using the removable wall stickers I would love to see the result.

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Wallies Stickers Found At Amazon.com

I checked Ebay and found a huge number of Wallies Stickers.

Check them out as there are stickers to suit all ages.

Some are prepasted, some peel & stick.

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