Room Design Tips

The Following Room Design Tips Outline The Do's & Dont's Towards Starting a Room Design Project.

DO Embrace the excitement of the possibility of changing and adapting your home to suit you.

Don't Panic if you have no idea of how you want to decorate your home and have no idea of Color, Pattern, Texture or Room Design. These pages will give you a bit of background knowledge and lots of room decorating ideas, you will soon discover what you like and don't like.

Do not get too hung up on color, pattern, room style or texture. Most people when decorating take a bit of this and that without even realizing what the style elements are. Treat the pages as good background information.

Do Decorate And Design A Room In Stages. You may have an over all idea of what you want to achieve, but don't get so enthusiastic you try and decorate a little bit in every room at once. You will probably become discouraged, get yourself lost as to what you are trying to achieve and blow your budget as you try and get things done quicker. Much better to choose one room, focus on that, complete it, then go on to another room.

Do Remember that change is inevitable, a babies room will become a small childs who will become a tween, then a teenager, then a young adult who will move out of home. Be flexible and adapt rooms as you need them depending on the families requirements.

Don't Get Too Hung Up on making a mistake, challenge yourself, learn from these room interior design ideas, experiment with Room Style, have fun with Color and decide whether you are a Pattern or neutral person.

Do Remember that it does not matter what anyone else likes (except, perhaps your partner) we are all different. A small room that feels safe and cozy to one person, may feel claustrophobic and cluttered to another.

Do Have The Courage To Say 'this is me, I love this look". If after a month or two it doesn't work or you are sick of it....simply alter and change it.

Do Sit Down and Allocate A Budget. If your budget is tight try and make do with your furniture and put your money towards some decorative touches....cushions, bed coverings, wall art......

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