Room Interior Design
1. Color, 2. Pattern, 3. Texture

Room Interior Design will give you the knowledge to create your own special room. After all, our homes are our escape from the frantic chaotic world we live in, our place of sanity, where we can be ourselves with our friends and family...."far from the maddening crowd...."

The 21st century has bought about a new and relaxed way of living, gone are the formal rooms of the 1940's, dining rooms, parlors etc the modern homes built today now often have:

  • theatre rooms,
  • outside rooms,
  • office space,
  • a room for each child,
  • easy storage solutions,
  • parent retreats, ensuites, and
  • safe garden areas for children.

Over Decorating Has Gone Out The Window, Simplicity Is The Order Of Room Interior Design Today.

1. Color, Color & More Color.....

room interior design, color chart

Color cards can be found at most hardware stores, they are free and can be used for:

  • helping you work out colors for a room or
  • use them to decorate a plain boring bedroom door. Door decoration idea shows you a funky sea theme bedroom door.

Color is exciting and fun to use, don't be afraid of it, worst case scenario, just repaint if you need to.

Decorating With Color will show you how to use color, what colors go together and where to start when thinking about colors.

Want to know what colors mean and see pictures of how they are used in different rooms? Check out:

  • Meaning of color green,
  • Meaning of color yellow,
  • Meaning of color blue.

  • 2. TEXTURE - Contrast & Combine

    interior home decorating ideas, room interior design
    Texture according to the Australian Oxford Dictionary is 'the way the surface of something feels.

  • Rough/Smooth
  • Shiny/Dull
  • Soft/Hard
  • Thin/Thick
  • Check out the following Interior Home Decorating Ideas for putting different textures together.

    Love being crafty - add texture by creating your own decorative mirror wall art project

    Or what about adding texture by decorating a lampshade

    3. Pattern

    Floral, stripe, check, shapes, discover what kind of person you are, find out how you can use pattern to create the WOW! factor.

    Right Let's Get On With It...First Things First...

    1. Read The Following Room Design Tips Do's & Don'ts to get a bit of background information about Room Design.

    2. Then Make A Plan.

  • 1. Pen & Paper
  • Think about the room you want to decorate and write down what its purpose is going to be.

  • 2. Furniture
  • Think about what furniture you have to use, what you may want to get rid of, and what you may need to buy.

  • 3. Walls Of Your Room
  • What is the color like? Will it work with your furnishings? Can you change it?

  • 4. Room Style
  • Do you like following a particular room style or do you like throwing bits and pieces together and seeing how it all looks?

  • 5. File/Pinboard
  • Jot down ideas, collect paint sample cards, material samples, pictures and then....

  • 6. Think About
  • Your budget and how you can get the look you want for minimal cost.

  • 7. Start
  • Don't wait for a rainy day, get going today, take the plunge and start your room decoration.

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