Sea Mirror

This sea mirror from diy craft projects will show you how you can create a unique piece of mirror wall art for your room.

This diy mirror art idea would suit:

  • a bathroom,
  • a kids bedroom
  • a beach inspired decorated bedroom
  • a beach house


1.1 x Round plain mirror bought from Bunnings.

2. Jo Sonja 'gesso'. A sealer/undercoat paint.

3. Variety of paints from Jo Sonja range in bright colors.>/p>

4. Craft pre cut painted wooden pieces, variety of fish, sea horses, dolphins. Plain un painted wooden pieces, dolphin, fish, star fish. Bought from Bunnings and craft shops.

5. PVA Craft Glue for sticking on pieces

6. Jo Sonja varnish for creating a gloss finish at end, protects work from water damage etc

7. Thin paint brushes if you want to paint.

8. Pencil and rubber if you want to draw pictures.

9. Variety of sea shells found along the local beach.


1.Turn mirror over and remove glass mirror, put it away somewhere safe. (This ensures mirror is not painted on during the decorating process.)

2.Paint mirror with white 'gesso' undercoat. Do not forget the edge where mirror sits. Dry and then paint again.

3.Decide on what colour you want your top coat to be and paint it on. I chose a deep sea green. As above, paint the edge mirror sits in.

4.When dry, paint on another top coat.

5. I began by painting the plain wooden cutouts.

6. Dolphin- I found some pictures on Bing images and used the dolphin colors as a guideline to painting my own dolphin. I used a slate grey blue colour and just added a bit of white paint to give the dolphin some different shades.

7. Large Fish - I painted the fish all over with an apricot pink paint. I then used Jo Sonja's crackle medium - a clear liquid to paint over the apricot colour.Once dried I painted a thick coat of yellow paint onto the fins and a thick coat of cobalt blue paint over the body and added a few bright red stripes. As the thick top coat dries it will crack and show the colours underneath.

8. Starfish- I painted it in teal green and blue shades.

9. I then began painting the background sea images directly onto the round mirror.

10. Once dry, I positioned the cutout images around the mirror and once I was happy with the position I stuck them on with PVA.

11. NB: I generally painted the images twice to get the depth of color I wanted. I also played around with the crackle glaze on some of the painted sea animals.

12. Lastly I stuck on my shellsat the bottom of the mirror.

13.Varnish your mirror twice.

14.Turn mirror upside down carefully, and place mirror glass back into slots and tighten. Then either put on hanging picture wire or use the Command Velcro hooks to hang your mirror on the wall.

Have fun with making your mirror, I did not worry too much about whether my sea animal colors were 'real' or not, I just wanted to create a colourful under water sea mirror.

I hope you liked this sea mirror diy mirror art project.

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