Small Bathroom Ideas

One of the difficult parts of renting is coping with the often small, ugly and old bathrooms that are out there in rental houses. As a renter we have to think in terms of accessories, rather than making structural  changes. So look for the interesting, the quirky, the elegant.

My Bathroom

I have one of those old dilapidated bathrooms and it has taken me 2 years to work out what to do with it. The paint is peeling, the ceiling gets mildewy in winter, the bath, basin and shower are old and the colours are tired. I am not able to paint or change it, so it has sat there looking tired and boring as I try and get inspiration and ideas.

Small Bathroom Ideas

The following are a list of ideas I thought about while flicking through decorating magazines.

  • Coat of Paint: If you don't like the colour ask the landlord if you can give the bathroom a coat of paint; never hurts to ask, if they say no, it's no, but they could also say yes. The other question you have to think about is - Do you really want to spend your hard heard money on bathroom paint. For me the answer was no.
  • Colour Scheme: Look at what colour your bathroom is, and decide on your colour scheme as it will be accessories that are going to create that 'WOW' factor. For instance although I love the colour red, I decided not to use it as my bathroom is green and I felt it would be too much like a christmas theme.
  • A Clean Bathroom: There is no doubt a clean bathroom helps with the visuals especially if your small bathroom is old. So keep it as clean and sparkling as you can. If you want to know what I did to clean the mould from my ceiling click here on 'mildew-remover'.
  • Furniture: What does your small bathroom need? Have you got room to store towels? toiletries? etc If not think about whether you can fit a small cube bookcase or cupboard. Have you towel rails? If not check out stores that sell portable towel rails.

Small Bathroom Ideas Accessories

  • towels
  • clocks
  • mirrors
  • rug
  • toothbrush holders,soap dish etc
  • removable stickers
  • pictures
  • colourful fabric/ curtains
  • Unusual vases, pots etc
  • A little seat/chair if you can fit one. 
  • pot plants, real or fake

This is my small bathroom makeover showing a couple of the accessories I found.

  • removable stickers (ebay)
  • unusual mirror (Charity Shop)
  • old bottles (found washed up on the shores of a lake)
  • picture - beach scene.
  • cane baskets (Ikea)
  • small clock (Target)

My first small bathroom makeover involved adding colour and turning it into a 'funky' bathroom. Click to find out what I did.

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