Small Bathroom Makeovers

Small bathroom Makeovers: Do YOU have an OLD, TIRED, UGLY bathroom? The following bathroom decoration ideas will help you find a positive note and hopefully help you make your own funky bathroom.

The following bathroom is my small and horrible rental bathroom, the paint is flaking, the fans are pretty suss so the ceiling often gets mildewy, the colours are old and the bath is rusting at the edges. It is horrible and I hate it! BUT!…………I have an idea.

If I cannot have an elegant modern bathroom I have decided I am going to add splashes of colour and make it a funky bathroom instead.

So where to start? I began by cleaning the walls, (I made my own cleaning solution from eucalyptus oil and methylated spirits (see my page called mildew remover if you want to give it a go) cleaned the ceiling, the bath, basin etc. Starting with a nice clean 'canvas' so to speak will help get you started. I cannot do much about the paint flaking off and the cracks so have decided to try and harness the French and Italian look which often embraces such things and makes them look amazingly rustic and nice……basically I am just going to ignore them.

My Blank Canvas - The Tired Old Bathroom.

These photo's are of my bathroom unadorned, just cleaned.

These 4 pics show you different views of my old, grubby and very tired bathroom.

Setting The Scene: A Painting As Inspiration.

To Tackle this project I divided the bathroom into sections.

  • 1. The Picture
  • 2. The Window
  • 3. Adding Decoration Items; stickers, mirror, towels, mat

1. The Picture.

To begin my small bathroom makeovers I began by deciding on my colour scheme. My brother had given me this mixed media painting years ago. I have always loved the beach so this picture has always appealed. I decided to use this picture as inspiration and hung it up using 'commando hooks' on the wall above the bath.

2. The Window Area

Part A) Making Rectangle Flags: My plan was to create some rectangle flags which I could hang from the curtain rod. 

I chose fabrics that incorporated the colours from my painting. Plus I already had the fabric so it saved me bying more.

I found some cardboard and drew the shape of a rectangle, and cut it out.

I wanted this task to be easy and quick so I chose to hem the edges of the fabric with 'Hemming Tape'. Really, really easy, you only need an ironing board and iron. 

I bought his brand from my local supermarket. As you can see from the picture, the tape is quite wide, I found it worked really well by cutting the tape in half. It meant I did not use it all and can use it for other things. If you have not used this material before, it is dead easy.

1. Turn the raw edge of fabric and iron flat.

2. Cut tape to length. Set iron to wool heat. Iron tape over raw edge slowly and firmly. Speckles on the tape mean adhesive is fully melted. 

This is what the squares look like. Note how I have folded the top of the rectangle over so the curtain rod can be pushed through.

Part B) Making Fabric Rectangle Beach Boxes.

I again sourced a piece of cardboard and created the shape that I wanted. Basically a rectangle with a triangle top. 

I cut out 6 house shapes and stuck them along the top edge of the window. I used homemade spray starch, a very easy product to make and one which sticks fabric to walls without damaging them. (I used this process to make a fabric mural for my daughters room, check out inexpensive wall art to find out how.)

So What Do You Think?  I did not want the flags and houses matching, so I made sure that they were staggered. Already the window is looking better and the fabric houses disguise some of the discoloured wall.

Part C) - To add some interest and to go with my removable cactus stickers I decided to hang some plants. I bought these white cone plant holders from Ikea and Target was having a 30% discount sale (love sales!) so I bought 3 fake cacti - I tend to kill the real thing, so resorted to fake.)

I am really happy with how it turned out, and it certainly breathes some life and colour into a drab room.

3. Adding Bathroom Decoration Ideas.

The rest of the bathroom is pretty easy after that, as it was just a matter of putting the following bathroom decoration ideas into place.

Found the old bottles aka (1950's) around the edges of a lake.

Rug from Stotts Emporium, Melbourne.

Cacti stickers from Ikea.

Towels from Target.

The following photo's show where I put everything.

I then finished off the makeover with 6 removable stickers I bought off ebay. I wanted to add a bit of pizazz to my shower door. It also helps hide the drab interior.

The bare shower door.

Removable stickers are a great way to add colour and life to an old bathroom shower screen.

I sourced colourful bathroom stickers with a similar pot theme as the green cacti ones.

So What do you think? If you liked what you saw please let me know, put in a comment if you would like, or even if you have ideas for improving what I have done. 

Small Bathroom Makeovers Tips 1:  Don't be afraid to play with colour, the best part about making these types of changes is that you can change them if you want to. Just find other coloured fabric, mats and towels.

Small Bathroom Makeovers Tip 2: Wall Stickers are a great way to add life to walls. 

Small Bathroom Makeovers Tip 3: Don't be afraid to experiment with pot plants, unusual mirrors, anything quirky will make a bathroom standout.

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