Teen-Rooms. A Room To Suit Every Teen.

Teen-Rooms can be fun, cool, funky, sporty and even gothic.

The teenage years are a time of change and discovery, celebrate by involving your teenage son or daughter in a room that is personal, a room that suits their personality and the things they like to do.

The teenage years can be fraught years involving slammed doors, moodiness of behaviour, explosions of anger and joy, a time where friends often take precedence.

Bedrooms often become their place to escape to, read, play computer games, have friends over, chill out etc. Creating a room they love, a place where they can be proud to take their friends will help them and you whether the teenage years.

The following information will give you some great teen room designs you can use to create cool, modern and 'with it' teen-rooms for your son or daughter.

What To Consider When Decorating Teen-Rooms.

Furniture: Sit down with your teen and talk about what they need. Have they outgrown their bed? small single beds may have to make way for either larger King Sized Single beds or even double/queen sized beds, especially important if you have a son or daughter heading quickly towards 6 foot.

A desk is important as is a comfortable desk chair. A large Bookcase is also a good idea, can be used as both a bookcase and a place to put knick knacks.

Storage: All kids require great storage ideas, they may have grown out of trucks and trains and Barbi dolls but teenagers still need a variety of useful storage containers; from bookcases to cool and funky baskets, bins etc. Ikea, Target, Big W are just a few places who have budget friendly storage ideas.

Walls: Teenagers love decorating their rooms with personal memorabilia; photo's, posters of their favorite singing groups etc. Commando Hooks are a great way to hang posters on the wall without hurting the paint work underneath. Another great teenage room design idea is to have a few big pinboards hung up on the wall. Decorate them in fun and funky contemporary colors and they will add a great splash of color to their rooms.

If you have the ability and the money, painting your teenagers bedroom is an easy way to add color and update the look. If you can't, check out some great removable wallpaper products, buy a strip and stick it on the walls running either across or down depending on the look you want. Wallpapering a whole wall can be expensive but buying a 2-3 foot strip is less so and will give the room a great splash of colour and style.

Window treatments: are another discussion point - should you decorate with blinds, tab curtains, heavy long curtains, etc Again sit down with your teenager and discuss their likes and dislikes. A sporty teenager will probably find wooden blinds a much more practical option that long flowing curtains on the other hand a feminine dreamy teenager may love an old fashioned classic bedroom with florals and flowing curtains etc.

Accessories: To help keep a room tidy make sure you have bins/baskets etc. Teenagers are more likely to try and keep their things neat if their is a simple basket/bin to throw it into.

Other fun accessories depending on what your teen is into could be an inside toy basketball hoop, dart board (with suction darts, a place for their ipod, computer or Xbox, computer games etc.

Teenage room designs should involve a comfortable bean bag/chairs for lazing in or playing computer games. Probably two - three bean bags so friends can also use one.

Prints/pictures of your teens favorite actors, singers, sporting hero's. hat/Coat rack for hanging scarves, coats, hats etc.

Go for a scout around Target, Big W or other discount dept store and see what you could find. Even places like the Reject Shop can have budget furniture suitable for a teen.

Teen-Rooms Tip 1.Do not necessarily lash out and spend up big on your teenagers room, keep expenses reasonable as your teens taste may change. You want to have the ability to alter a teens room if they change their mind.

You can buy good quality furniture, but keep accessories budget friendly.

Teen-Rooms Tip 2. Open the communication channels, talk, discuss and then put into action your plan. Use this activity as a way to bond, chat together and do something fun. Do not take over...let your teen make suggestions, if necessary diplomatically change her mind if you consider the idea outrageous and impractical.

Most Important Point Is: Have Fun With Your Teen

Pink-And-Black-Bedrooms Do you have a teenager who loves pink but wants to get away from the fussy princessy pink stage of childhood? Add a dash of black and discover how to create a sophisticated teenagers bedroom.
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