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tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

Tincan decorating is fun, easy and will help recycle all those tin cans we throw away every day.

Check out the following ideas for decorating tin cans, be inspired, create your own decorative tin can and share your ideas with others.

Types Of Tin Cans? Any type of tin can will be O.K. I have used mid sized fruit tin cans.

Tin Can Decorating Materials:

PVA, glue gun, wooden cutouts, craft jewels, 3D stickers, ribbon, shells, Terpentine, wire pad, paper wipes


1.Start by cleaning your can inside and out. Sometimes there is some sticky glue on the can that can be difficult to remove. I have tried two different ways.

a) Boil the jug and carefully pour hot water over the glue. (Make sure an adult does this kids, if you are reading this activity), then place a little bit of Jif Creme Cleaner on the wire pad and gently scrub. You will need to repeat this action several times to get the tin clean. It takes a bit of time, but it will work.

b) The easier method is to place a bit of Turpentine on a piece of kitchen paper and rub the glue gently. This will work very quickly and is certainly easier than the above method. I would recommend this way as long as you do not mind the smell of Turpentine.

2. Once the cans are dry, then the fun part can start. Get out all your bits and pieces, put on your 'thinking cap' and decorate your tin can.

1. Bicycle Tincan.

tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

I began by using a glue gun to glue the navy blue ribbon around the top and bottom of the tin can. I then stuck on the large 3D stickers. The stickers did come with a sticky centre, but I wanted them to stick firmly so I used some PVA. (See decorating tip below)

Once the large stickers were in place I glued on the small wooden boats and red trains using the glue gun.

This tin can would look great on a boys desk.

2.Train Tincan.

tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

I love the primary colors of navy and red. I began by glueing on the wide red ribbon, then I glued on the navy ribbon.

I then stuck on the wooden red trains and stuck on the different boats. I had two different types of boats, so alternated them around the edge.

3. Dinosaur Tincan.

tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

What little boy doesn't at some stage love dinosaurs? I have a little nephew who is right into dinosaurs at present. Everytime I see him, he tells me all about the diplodocus who lives in the lake (next to their house) and comes out to chat to him. I love the imagination of kids! Priceless!

So why not make your own little dinosaur a cool dinosaur pencil holder.? Could even be a great holder of small lego bits and pieces.

Start by glueing a piece of ribbon over the edge of the tin can. This helps hide the sharp edge that can sometimes occur. (See Tincan Decorating Tip Below)

I glued the 3D dinosaurs onto the can, and made sure some of the dinosaur stuck out from the tin can. The stickers are designed to stick out, so when glueing make sure you only stick down the back section of the sticker, the front section will stick out.

4. Pink & Pearl Tincan.

tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

This is a lovely girly tin can pencil holder.

The seed pearl stickers I used on the pink ribbon can are really easy to place. They come in lengths already stuck together. It is just a matter of picking up a length...about 15 pearls and sticking them onto the tin.

The sticky stuff on the back of the pearl stickers was not strong enough to hold the stickers, so I used PVA. They come in rows so it is just a matter of glueing on the rows and then joining the next row onto it. I glued the pearls onto the ridges of the tin can.

.......as I was completing the tin my youngest daughter danced through and decided this would suit her room very nicely....she decided to use it as storage for her own stickers and wooden craft cut outs.

5. Beach Theme Tincan.

tincan decorating, cheap decorating ideas

This tincan decorating idea was for my daughter who has an underwater theme for her bedroom and wanted some beach theme pencil holders.

This time I used lovely yellow ribbon to symbolise the sun and sand. I found thewooden star fish, dolphins and small colourful fish at a craft store.

To add a little authenticity I added some real beach shells I found on the beach last summer holidays. Budget decorating ideas are everywhere if you look.

The shell tin cans will go nicely with her lampshade which I also decorated with shells. See decorating lampshades to find out more.

6. Jewel Tincan.

All little girls like a bit of sparkle in their room. Create a tin can decorated with stick on pearl stickers, ribbon and craft jewels.

7. It's Times Like These That You Need.......Minties!

I created this decorated tin can just for fun. I had some Mintie wrapping papers which have funny little life cartoons on them...with a quote...'It's times like these you need......Minties!'.

I stuck the wrappers on with PVA glue. I then cut out the red/white pattern and created stripe borders, I then cut out the cartoon pictures and placed them between the borders. I varnished the can to protect the paper wrappers.

Tincan Tip 1. Fill with Minties and give to a friend who is having a bad day...will make her smile if nothing else.

Tincan Tip 2. Fill with Minties and use when YOU are having a tough day.

(NB: Minities are a chewy Aussie Peppermint sweet/lolly)

Tincan Decorating Tips.

Tincan Decorating Tip 1: Some tin cans have a sharpish edge on the inside, some do not. If you have a can that is sharp, use a wide piece of ribbon, stick half along the top of the can, then using a glue gun fold the top part of the ribbon over the top of the tin and glue down (inside the tin).

Tincan Decorating Tip 2: 3D stickers- These look really cool. I love the way the sticker parts sticks to the tin, and then the 3D part juts out a little bit. I did find the stickiness on the sticker did not stick to the tin can awfully well. To over come this problem I simply brushed a little bit of PVA glue onto the back of the sticker. I then pressed the sticker onto the can and held it there for a few minutes.

How Creative Are YOU?

Can You Create The Best Decorated Tin can Ever?

Put on your

  • creative thinking caps,
  • grab a tin can,
  • decorate, decorate, decorate

    and see if you can come up with the craziest or best decorated tin can.

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