Wall Decor Stickers For A Pink Girls Bedroom.

Wall Decor Stickers have great ability to transform a small plain bedroom and make it extraordinary and full of imagination for the child who sleeps there.

Picture 1.

This little bedroom was a plain, small country bedroom which lacked character. The little girl who lives here adores pink, so her parents painted the room a lovely fresh clean white and painted the wardbrobe door and picture rail trims a gorgeous candy pink color. Add this colorful flower and animal sticker, a yellow and pink check curtain and BINGO...A room is transformed.

Picture 2.

The door to enter the bedroom has also been painted in the same candy pink, but this time love hearts and princesses are the removable wall stickers of choice.

Picture 3.

This wall flows to the right of the door pictured above. Stuffed animals are hung from the ceiling to create interest and also as a form of storage, removable wall stickers are dotted about both above and below the picture rail. They liven up a plain white wall.

Picture 4.

Added to the wall is a pink shelf for all those little knick knacks. White and pink are the dominant colors the wall stickers add bright dots of other pastal colors.

Wall Stickers Tip 1: No artistic ability is necessary, if you do not like what you have created then simply unpeel and restick.

Wall Stickers Tip 2: The stickers shown above have stood the test of a major move.The stickers were removed from the child's old bedroom and placed on plastic sheeting, then restuck to the walls of her new bedroom very successfully. They have not peeled off and they still look lovely and fresh. Just make sure the stickers are stuck to plastic not paper. Paper will stick to the sticker and will not come off.

Looking for removable wall stickers? These flower wall stickers would look great dotted about a bedroom.

Don't want blossoms...try these beautiful colorful butterflies or pink princesses, they would brighten a little girls bedroom beautifully.

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