Wall Decoration Ideas
The Wrapping Paper Bedroom

Wall decoration ideas come in many forms, from wall paper, removable wall stickers to paint, fabric, pictures etc

Ideas can be many and varied, it is all a matter of looking around you and sometimes 'thinking outside the box'.

Wall Decoration Ideas do not have to cost the earth. I chose to go with this simple, easy wrapping paper decorating option because at the time I did not have a lot of extra cash.

My daughters room was looking tired and I wanted to add a bit of color and make the room look bright, light and happy. It was a cheap wall decor option that worked really well. I probably had it up in her room for about 6 months before it started to look tatty.

Why I chose Wrapping Paper For WallPaper?

  • Cheap: At the time I was sick and tired of my daughters room and the budget was very tight.
  • Change Of Mind: My kids love changing their rooms so every time they or I, want to do something different I try and do it cost effectively.....No point paying out hundreds of dollars if in 6 months time they or I want to do something else.
  • Imagination: I love being able to decorate the rooms quickly and easily. Kids are kids for such a short time and they have such amazing imaginations, that it is fun to experiment and give them different bedrooms.I find that it stimulates their play and imaginary games when I alter the room.

The actual idea for using wrapping paper came from browsing a discount store in my local shopping centre.....I was actually looking for wrapping paper for a birthday gift. I spotted this bright, fun spotty, dotty wrapping paper and a light bulb moment flashed into my mind.

The Wrapping Paper Bedroom


1. Colored Wrapping Paper 76 x3m x 2 lots. $3.99 ea

2. Blue Tack

3. Scissors

4. Tape Measure

5. A med sized cup, saucer and bread and butter plate.

6. A small step Ladder.

7. A grey lead pencil.


1. Begin by washing down the walls. I used sugar soap and a wire sponge as the walls have been painted in a flat paint and marks do not come off easily. If your walls are clean you can skip this bit.

2. Decide on how you want to place your wrapping paper, whether you want it to go vertically, or horizontally. I chose to go horizontally to create a wide border in the middle of the wall. I also decided to make sure the bottom of the paper finished a couple of feet above her bed..so the paper would not get torn when she was in bed.

3. I then measured a certain distance from the ceiling and put a little pencil mark, I did this right across the wall. Doing this will mean your wrapping paper will be straight and not be crooked.

4. I then measured the length of the wall, rolled out my wrapping paper and cut it accordingly.

5.Place small balls of Blue tack along the top of the wrapping paper.

6. Pick up the paper and carefully put the top edge of the wrapping paper along the grey lead pencil marks you put on the wall, press bluetack into wall. Once the top has been stuck up, then place small balls of blue tack along the sides and bottom.

Well Done! You Have Just Finished The First Wall.

7. Repeat procedure along adjoining wall if so desired. I did not worry about making sure my spots lined up at the join in the corner as I doubted my daughter was going to care and I would probably undertake new room and wall-decoration-ideas later in the year.

8. I then took the left over wrapping paper, laid it face side down on the floor, and traced around the cup, saucer and bread and butter plate to make some circles. I cut these out, placed little tiny bits of blue tack on the backside and stuck them on the wall. They really helped finish off the decorating project really well. I even added a few circles to a white blanket box I have in one corner of her room.

9. I remade her bed with pink stripy sheets and a white bed covering whose colors actually reflected the colors of the circles...pure coincidence. The removable butterflies were stuck on and

HEY PRESTO! A Brand New Room! For Only $12.00.

Wall Decoration Ideas Tip

This cheap wall decor idea would be good for any age child, but do consider the age of the age in relation to where you place the wall wrapping paper.

By this I mean, the lower the wallpaper is to the ground, the easier it is for a child to grab and tear it.

If you want to do this for a toddler, then I would recommend placing the wallpaper horizontally around the room out of their reach.

An older child will understand the nature of paper and be more careful.

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