Wardrobe Problems 
Creating Useable Space.

Wardrobe Problems can be very frustrating...especially for children. If children become frustrated and find they cannot easily put away clothing....what happens? .....it all ends up on the floor, trampled and dirty. Frustration boils over and clothes just get stuffed in where ever.......I might add Mum also boils over....as it means more work for her!!!!

When we moved into our current rental my elder daughters wardrobe was a problem. The hanging rack was attached so it hung outwards.She could not see behind the rack and as you can see clothing has just been stuffed in where ever it will fit.

I understand that this was probably because the wardrobe was narrow and adult hangers were too wide to fit horizontally....but this way of hanging is extremely difficult for a child to:

a) See her clothes and

b) Keep them tidy.

I tried folding all her clothes, and keeping only a few clothes hanging..but....like most kids when the going get tough...the tough begin to stuff. My daughter gave up trying to keep her clothes tidy and ended up stuffing everything in anywhere it would go.

It came to a point that opening her wardrobe was a bit like waiting for a Jack-in-the-box to spring out...instead of a laughing clown, there was a mountain of clothing.

NB: I did check with the rental agent to make sure it was O.K to make the following change.

Wardrobe Problems - Solving The problem.

1. I began by taking all her clothes off the hanging bar.

2. Next I unscrewed the wardrobe bar connectors from the cupboard, very easy to do.

3. I measured both wardrobes and then proceeded to take a quick trip to Bunnings and bought a length of white wardrobe pipe. Same diameter as the old pipe, but long enough to fit both sides of her wardrobe.

4. I then cut the length of pipe to size. I did this quite easily by using a steel hacksaw blade.

5. I then measured the middle of the wardrobe and re-screwed the wardrobe connectors into place, put the bar into the slot, and re-screwed the other connector.

6. I bought hangers from Ikea (perfect size) and re-hung all her clothes.

7. This only took me a couple of hours and the difference it has made to my daughters wardrobe is amazing. She actually can find her clothes and she has started to hang her clothing up in the cupboard rather than shoving it into any available space.

Why, Oh Why did I not do this a year ago?

Fixing Wardrobe Problems is just a matter of allocating time, plan your wardrobe project and then Just Do It!

Oh What A Difference!!!!

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