What Is Washi Tape?

What is washi tape? A japanese tape made from rice paper. It comes in different colours and designs and can be used in all manner of decorating ideas.

This is an exciting craft product, it is easy to use, fun, decorative and I can't wait to show you some of the washi tape projects I have completed.

Project 1. TLC My Old Fridge.

I bought it yesterday and could not wait to make a start, Mmmmm 'what to decorate first? I happened to glance over at my fridge. 'BINGO!'

My fridge is old, and is probably coming to the end of it's natural life, but with a bit of TLC it is managing to stay the course.

It is looking pretty scrappy, lots of old magnets, grocery lists and grime. So a bit of decorative Japanese washi tape will add a bit of pizazz.

1. Remove all magnets, papers and old stickers. Clean and wash. 

2. What do you want to keep. I discarded any old magnets not worth keeping. Any company magnets that would be useful I placed down the side of the fridge, the magnets I liked, particularly the ones my daughters gave to me for birthdays and mothers day I kept.

3. Decide on Colours. I decided on a wide blue tape as a border, then a decorative contrast blue/green and to add a small highlight, a tape with butterflies.

It is very easy to place, you can remove it if you have made an error, except be careful if you have stuck washi tape over another piece of tape as it is a bit more difficult to remove.

No water, no glue, NO MESS! 

      So What Do You Think?

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